Hatteras Outer Banks Fishing Reports

  • 5/11/2017 All hail the Dolphin Slayers as Lynn would say. The fish woke up on the hungry side of bed and we loved it. Fast and furious fishing all day left me exhausted, covered in blood and bruises but opening that fish box so many times made it worth everything. Massive kudos go to the crew for day 3 easily outweighing the first 2 days and probably before noon. Rod, Gary, Bob, Kristy and Lynn. We were amazing in the cockpit today handling everything we could throw at them, even getting to do the dolphin dance as we hooked 4 gaffer mahi at one time and a mix of skill and all the luck I think I've seen this year got all of them to the boat without a hitch.

    Nice mahi.
    5/11/2017 mahi catch.
    Multiple anglers in fighting chairs.

  • 5/9/2017 With Bob, Sally, Gary, Kristy, Rod, and Lynn aboard Harper’s Folly for the 2nd day we set back out again following up on a few promising areas that we spotted on our way home the day before. The bite wasn't as upbeat as we hoped for, but the smiles on crews face on our way home were enough for me. Some nice blackfin tuna and gaffer sized mahi didn't hurt either. We even got a shot at a nice white marlin (first I've had behind the boat) unfortunately he chaffed through the leader before we could get him to the boat for a photo op. Can't wait to fish again on Thursday.

    Fishing rods rigged and ready.
    Days catch on the dock.
    These charter customers look like they are having a good time.

  • 5/8/2017 The weather was beautiful when we set out at dawn. With a decent blackfin tuna bite on previous days we were very hopeful. Joe, Tom, Bob, Gary, Rod and Lynn all being experienced anglers themselves were a blast to fish with and extremely helpful as multiple fish hooked up at once a few times. Scrappy fishing was had by all today, can't wait to see some of these same guys tomorrow.

    The day's catch on the dock.
    Charter customer holding tuna by the tail.
    Lady charter customer fighting fish in chair.

  • Richard shows off his catch at the docks.

    5/3/2017 With fishing being spectacular lately we left out a little earlier than normal to best some of the fleet out to the fishing grounds. Once the spread was out, Richard from PA and I realized that the blackfin tuna weren't going to cooperate as well as they had been in the last week. After an hour or so of trolling all the spots Capt. Harper could think of, we pushed off looking for different water and man did it pay off big on gaffer sized mahi. Capt. Harper spotted a section of trawler net that had a school of our green and yellow friends (mahi) suspended under it. Soon the deck was scrambling as fish took shots at anything in the water. Richard, being the only customer on the boat, soon was extremely happy with the amount of meat in the box and we left the mahi alone to save for another day.

  • Today's charter anglers show off a great catch of tuna at the docks.

    4/29/2017 Let me start off by saying that these anglers were fired up to get the trip started. Only a few minutes after the lines were out we were into the fish. All day long they brought beautiful blackfin tuna, nice gaffer sized mahi and even a wahoo to the boat. After seeing another boat hooked up with a double, John said we could do better and Capt. Harper proved him right putting us on top of a nice mix of tuna and mahi for an awesome triple hookup that had the whole cockpit dancing to keep lines from crossing as the gaffers didn't want to go quietly. The fishing is hot and it's just getting started. There are still some open days on the books so give Capt. Harper a call today and book your trips this season.